ATT Device Unlock Review

By Gavin | August 08, 2018

I wanted to show you how to unlock the Samsung Galaxy s6, this is the AT&T variant, as you can see, here it's locked to a PMT, and if you want to unlock it and use it overseas or worldwide, you can do that, but there's a couple step you'll need to do that.

The first thing we'll need to do is actually find out what the IMEI number is on this particular device, to do that you can go to phone, and then you need to dial *# 06 #, this will pop up the information, such as the IMEI, and in this case, actually the serial number now the IMEI on this, what you need to do is take this number, and once you have this number you need to put it into a website, that will actually give you the unlock code, once you get your code back from the unlocking company, you'll need to put that into the device now, my code actually took about 24 hours or less to come in, but depending on your country and carrier that can vary.

Now what we'll need to do is actually swap the SIM card to a non-supported SIM card, so we'll do that with at-mobile SIM card, and like I said, this is actually an AT&T device, so let's pop the SIM card out, you can see it says SIM card removed, you can see there's at-mobile SIM card there, we'll put that in place making sure we put this incorrectly, of course, there needs me to restart, so we'll restart, the phone has restarted.

Let's unlock it, and you can see immediately it pops up asking for a SIM network unlock PIN, that's because this SIM card won't work, the phone is actually locked, so now that I've got my code, let's go ahead and put it in, and we'll get that, and you need to be very careful to do this, you only get about ten tries, and it will never let you unlock it again, so I'll be very careful and put this in, I have my unlock code in, let's hit unlock network, unlock successful, now the phone is permanently unlocked, it will allow me to use it on any GSM supported carrier worldwide.