Unlock Your AT&T Phone For Free - AT&T Unlock Portal

By Gavin | February 25, 2020

I'm going to show you how to unlock an Android phone on AT&T. The phone we can unlock is this one, this is the HTC created for Facebook specifically.


How To Check IMEI Number

The first thing you need to do is you need to get the IMEI number of the phone, and how you get it. You're going to go to settings and look for about the phone and check for status, and from there you're going to see the IMEI number and here we're going to type someone's AT&T unlock search.

Usually, the first result is going to be the one we need, and this is the AT&T device unlocked website portal. Here we're going to click on this that says 'unlock the device'. You're going to enter it, and you're going to fill out the information. 'Are you an AT&T Wireless customer?'. No. If you are, you put Yes. 'IMEI number'? Yes. Remember we got it from there, likes the format 353313163300748.

How To Unlock HTC Phone From AT&T

Now if you scroll down you're going to see that the website already identifies the device like the HTC PM3300. Please double-check because you don't want to input a wrong IMEI number, and again it identifies the device. 

I'm going to select this, I'm going to click on 'yes', if you want to read about that, we click on it and we're going to read about it, basically is your device isn't reported lost or stolen or involved in fraud, you must complete your contract or installment plan.

You go to AT&T, you get a free phone and then you want to unlock it, you need to fulfill your contract. Your device is active on another AT&T account if you are a great early wait 14 days to unlock your old AT&T device unlock, AT&T prepay you, you need to have six months of service that we are looking for right now. We close it and we're going to click Next.

They're going to ask for the first name. We're going to put a first name, last name. Why don't we put it through a mobile number? Input emails, it doesn't matter if it's lowercase or uppercase, it's always lowercase for the computer. Make sure that you are inputting your right email because you're going to get a call.

Confirm Your Unlock Requests

What's next? AT&T'll send you a link to confirm your ATT.com/deviceunlock requests use it within 24 hours or we need to cancel your request. As soon as I press submit, they're going to send me an email. There's going to be a link to that email. 'Thanks! We are emailing you a link, like this'.

Sometimes you go to spam and the link is good for 24 hours, and they're going to give you a request number. Now we need to access our email, and once you're here there's a link. This is confirmed.

You just click on it and that's going to confirm your requests. This is not unlocking your device, just confirming the requests that you make to AT&T, and you should get a message saying 'thank you for confirming your unlock requests'.

They're going to give you a request number. What I'd like to do is I like to copy this request number right away and I go out, I want to go to this other link that says 'check yours request status online'.

You click on it and you're going to type it, the request that we copy it, we're going to type it here, paste and we're going to go to our email to get the IMEI number. We're going to copy it and we're going to go back to AT&T and we're going to paste the IMEI number. We have the IMEI number and we have the request number, they're going to ask you some silly stuff, traffic lights this one this one. That's it.

How To Check ATT Phone Unlock Status

Everything's set up and a genetic submit, again this is just to see what's going on with my request, and it says check you unlock to status, current status in progress. This is a good sign, and they give you all the information here when you request it and everything current status in progress.

That means that the request is on their system and everything is fine, we just have to wait until they send us an email saying that the phone is already unlocked. Sometimes the email is right away, sometimes it takes a while, but that's it.

When they send an email, in this case, they're going to send me an unlock code, because the phone requires an unlock code to be unlocked. But in the case of the iPhones, they don't send you to unlock code, they just release it from their database again.

You can take up to 24 hours, you can get an email with your unlock code, and then what you need to do is you need to put a SIM card from another carrier on your phone and input the unlock code, and that's it.

That's how to unlock an Android phone on AT&T for free, good luck.